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  • You can expect to have a technology-packed year with Edenred. Pay with a card, contactless system, mobile device, or Apple Pay, and keep it simple!

  • Enjoy peace of mind in 2017! Edenred makes your life easier and helps you find a good work-life balance.

  • Your exchanges will bear their fruits in 2017. Edenred creates unique interactions, promoting mutual value creation.

  • Ready to refuel by our side? Every day, we optimize expense management for businesses.

  • Everything is possible in 2017! Edenred invents new solutions to meet the social challenges of 42 countries.

  • Your year promises to be healthy and socially responsible. We advocate for balanced nutrition, the environment, and local communities.

  • 2017
  • In 2016, we managed €12.2 billion in digital transactions.

  • We provide you with 166 employee benefits solutions (meal and food, childcare, commuting, culture, and human services).

  • We bring together 42 million users, 1.4 million merchants and 680,000 companies.

  • 36,000 fuel stations accept Edenred's fuel cards.

  • We launched Nutrisavings, the only platform of its kind in the world, to encourage American employees to purchase healthy food from 12,000 supermarkets and e-commerce sites.

  • Almost 5 million employees benefited from awareness-raising actions around healthy nutrition organized by Edenred in 2016.